Hardware Requirements

Quick Summary

Workstation and POS OS Specifications

Operating systems (x32 or x64):

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or above
  • Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 11 Pro/Enterprise

Processor: Intel i3 or above (Intel i5/2.4GHz or above recommended)

Ram: 4GB Minimum, 8GB or Higher Recommended

Monitor: 1280x1024 resolution or above. Microsoft .NET Framevvork 4.8 or above

Hardware Specifications

Processor: 2.5 Gllz Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor or above Disc Space: 160 GB/ 1 Ok RPM or above (SSD recommended), RAID 1 or 5 minimum, RAID 10 recommended. We require less than 20GB for install.

RAM: 6.0 GB Minimum if database-only server only running ClubTec applications and SQL Express Backup: Customer Provided Backup Strategy. External backups recommended. ClubTec does not backup your database. This is a local IT responsibility.

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