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Clubtec presents wireless POS. You can use Handhelds as a wireless POS or as a stand alone remote POS, allowing your staff to serve members faster and more effectively.

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Wireless Requirements and Considerations before Installing:

Handhelds can be used as a wireless POS or as a stand alone remote POS, such as on beverage carts. If the device is to be used as a wireless POS unit, clients are required to have a standard WLAN (Wi-Fi) infrastructure. This must be an 802.11 B/G network with at least one wireless access point connected to a high speed internet connection. Wireless devices only work within 100 meters, 330 feet, from the wireless access point. This distance varies based upon obstructions and natural terrain. Therefore, access points need to be elevated as much as possible. Wireless functionality will not work in areas which are out of range of an access point. ClubTec will do a phone/video site survey with client’s onsite Wireless IT Technician. ClubTec will cover the following:

  1. Optimal placement of wireless access points
  2. Setting and marking boundaries for wireless users
  3. Generating a wireless network diagram specific for the Club
  4. Connecting wireless network to local network
  5. Recommendation of upgrades, if any, for the current server

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