Retail/Pro-Shop POS

  • Automatic update of member information from Membership Manager including addresses, member number, phone numbers, membership type 
  • Credit Books - each member account has an electronic credit book. Easily distinguish between the sales items that are eligible to use pro shop credit based on user-defined criteria. You also have the option to let the member use credit toward any outstanding account balance or restrict credit book use to future sales only. You can produce detailed credit book reports anytime to show the credit book activity.
  • Pre-Paid and Smart Card accounts for buying clubs and tracking punch pass items electronically.
  • Electronic gift cards or bar coded gift certificates with no transaction fees involved when redeemed.
  • Ease-of-use, process fees and merchandise quickly on a Touch Screen Monitor and "trigger less" bar code scanner.
  • Regain control of your merchandise inventory using bar coding with high-speed label printing, real-time inventory tracking, purchase order system, optional hand held data collector for performing physical inventory, extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Event Management - Saves hours of legwork and planning while providing everything you need to organize events of any size.
  • Handicaps - Complete system to compute a member’s handicap using the USGA handicap calculation.
  • Ability to color-code buttons
  • Ability for cascading menus
  • Count down items with limited quantities
  • And much more...

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