• Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Post in detail to GL
  • Post by transaction date or check date
  • Process multiple checks per employee, per pay period
  • Process multiple pay frequencies at one time
  • Supports all 50 states including DC, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands
  • Direct Deposit and EFT Direct Deposit
  • Unlimited Employees, Earnings Types, Benefits and Deductions
  • Turn Earnings, Benefits, and deductions features off at any time
  • Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
  • Change the pay rate across a number of employees
  • Copy or add a Payroll "feature" across a range of employees
  • Fixed Departmentalization
  • Variable Departmentalization - allows allocation/departmentalization to occur based on actual number of hours (or dollars) in the specific pay period
  • Unlimited Vacation & Sick Pay Accrual
  • Local Tax and Union Dues
  • Adjust beginning balances on a per employee basis any time prior to processing payment
  • Department & Location tracking
  • Laser IRS Approved 940 & 941 Forms
  • Supports all Pay Frequencies - Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually
  • Void check feature automatically creates all reversing entries, including departmental printing
  • Manual Checks Ability create adjusting entries
  • Adjustments can optionally update GL
  • Wage calculation features allows user to set what wages are included for each type of tax maintained
  • Reopen last pay period
  • And much more...

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