Fixed Assets

  • Smart Data Entry
  • Comprehensive Calculations
  • Unsurpassed Reports and Reporting Options
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Timely Updates for New Tax Legislation
  • Two description fields (50 characters each) are provided so you can enter identifying information for your assets.
  • An unlimited length memo field can be used to enter notes or maintenance information about your assets.
  • Four user-defined sort codes can be used to group assets on reports by department, location, property type, etc. On-screen prompts can be changed for these fields.
  • Two user-defined fields (35 characters each) can be used to enter information such as VIN’s, warranty numbers, model numbers, vendor purchased from, or any other asset data that you want to associate with the asset. On-screen prompts can be changed for these fields.
  • A duplicate option will duplicate the information entered for the last asset entered. This is very convenient when entering similar assets.
  • There is an option to split an asset into multiple assets (up to 5) of equal or unequal parts.
  • A transfer field is provided so that you can allocate annual depreciation to various departments or cost centers on the included Monthly Depreciation Reports.
  • You can override annual or monthly depreciation allocations.
  • You can dispose of the entire asset or just a portion of the asset (partial disposal). 
  • You can enter auto mileage data that must be printed on the IRS Form 4562.
  • You can exclude disposed assets from printing on the IRS Form 4797 in those cases where the information must be provided in a different report format, such as for some partnerships.

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